Found in 1986, Jiangsu Sujia Group Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Sujia Group”), having refractories and precision steel pipes as their major products, consists of a refractories department and a precision steel pipe department with 1 billion Yuan as registered capital. Sujia Group, covering more than 1000 mu, employs around 200 staff and owns a total of assets of more than 5 billion Yuan.

Sujia Group makes high quality products based on specific characteristics. In the refractories industry, the Sujia Group ranks in the top 10 of China, with a market share of more than 50% in the Yangtze River Delta area. Our technology for continuous casting is world-leading. We have made great contributions to the steel-making industry with our innovative technology, which brought us a lot of praise. Since 1994, we started our journey in the precision steel pipe industry. We focus on high frequency welding of steel pipes in the automobile industry. Our high frequency welded steel pipe product is on the list of China Torch Program, replacing the seamless pipe of the drive shaft, with a high market share. Besides, we also have gained achievements in refrigeration equipment and boilers. In recent years, we have started other automobile businesses. Our products are used in cars of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other well-known brands.

The Sujia group has won the following honors: "Well-known Enterprises in China", "Star Enterprises in Jiangsu Province", "Top Ten Private Enterprises in Jiangsu Province", "Top 100 Private-owned Enterprises in Wuxi", "Credible Enterprises" and so on. The Sujia Group takes the vice-chairmanship of the Association of China Refractories Industry. Our products have won the following honors: "Well-known Trademarks in China", "High-quality Products in China", “Well-known Products in Jiangsu Province”, “Famous Trademarks in Jiangsu Province”, and other honors.

The founder of Sujia Group has been awarded the following honors: “National Township Entrepreneurs”, “30 Models in 30 Years Since the Reform and Opening-up in Wuxi”, “Star Factory Director in Wuxi”, “Star Industry Factory Director in Wuxi”. Our current Chairman has won the honors of “Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Jiangsu Province” “Top 10 Private Entrepreneurs in Jiangsu Province", and "Top 100 Entrepreneurs in Wuxi" and “Excellent Entrepreneurs in 40 Years Since Reform and Opening-up". Meanwhile, he is a deputy of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress, a member of the Wuxi Municipal Political Consultative Conference, a member of the China Business Council, a vice-president of the Wuxi Federation of Industry and Commerce, the president of the Wuxi Youth Entrepreneurs Association, and the executive vice-president of the Jiangsu Youth Enterprises Federation.

In addition to the steady development in the manufacturing industry, Sujia Group actively move into new fields. In the Elderly Care and Health Industry, we introduced the Life Apartment Model from The Netherlands. An elderly care community, with living, entertainment, medical and care services, was started at the end of 2015. We aim to set up an elderly care service management system with our own characteristics and bring innovation to the development model of elderly care industry within two to three years. Besides, we plan to enter into the related health industry, which can bring new opportunities to our group.

The restaurant and hotel industry is also one of the supporting industries with good achievements for the Sujia Group. We run one hotel and two restaurants with more 2000 seats. Because the general development is good and stable, we try to explore a chain cooperation.

We have already start the building of three other Yunlin Life Apartments. The supporting organizations like the Yunlin Rehabilitation Hospital and the Yunlin Nursing Center are running steadily. We believe that Yunlin Life Apartment as an innovated model of Happy Retired Life will bring colorful and cheerful life to Chinese elderly.

Our goal is to build a long and successful history for the Sujia Group. Our philosophy is: “Reform drives development and innovation brings future.” Our strategy is: “a quicker intelligent upgrade and a steady industry development”. We strive to build a brighter future with a new round of developments.