Jiangsu Sujia Group Co., Ltd.
        President  Yucai Gong
     Wuxi, with the Grand Canal from north to south, is bounded by the Yangtze River on the north, and Taihu Lake in the south. It is reputed as “Land of Honey and Milk” and “Little Shanghai”. It has been called “World granary and Chinese Native Bank”. Surrounded by lofty peaks, Wuxi reflects the nimbus of Taihu Lake which carries many beautiful ancient stories and the excellence of countless modern people. The industry and commerce of Wuxi accumulates steadily, while the township industry is a model of China. Sujia people have experienced 40 years of changing fortunes, but we have set a benchmark for 20 years. Holding the responsibility of the past and the present, we insist pursuing self-value and goals, struggling yet proudly.We have developed the magnesite bricks since 1985. In 1989, Sujia as a host, organized an national work conference of converter lining in Wuxi, which pave the way for the great power of Chinese iron and steel industry. The refractories of Sujia Brand has started to move toward the nation and has been world-famous. The seamless steel pipes, that were developed in 1997, has replaced the imported products. The pipes for automobile drive axle take up 70% of the whole domestic market share. The oil pipes breeds the revolutionary choices: surface casings, intermediate casings, and selected the ERW pipes, which conform to energy-saving and economical, is the kindness of wises. The high anti-collapsing strength and high corrosion resistance of the seamless pipe is the difficulties the manufacturer needs to overcome. With the Sujia pioneers spirit, we look forward to the extraordinary achievement in the OCTG industry. Sujia takes each opportunity to enter into the business in the fields of real estate, venture capital, business hotels. Fastube successfully listed in Singapore, which injected fountainhead for Sujia’s long-term development. Sujia’s century, is not only a goal, but also the essence of the enterprise culture. Sujia people are of this kind: treasure credibility, abide by rules, pursue the best quality of products. We will embrace talents of the world, establish solid bases, overcome difficulties, stick closer, work harder, keep learning, gratitude to all the kindness to bring internal and external harmony, so that our cause will last forever.