Changes Drive the Growth and Innovates Achieve the Future - Sujia Group Organized the New Year Annual Meeting Successfully
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Sujia Group Spring Annual Meeting was held in January 16, 2015 in Sujia JinLong Hotel, Su Jia group leaders and more than 400 employees participated in the annual meeting.

Group Chairman Yucai Gong, Group President Xuesong Zhang, Manager of the New Materials company, Xiaodong Yu ,vice manager of Fastube Pipe Co., Ltd.Wenhua Wang, the 114 workshop’s director of the DingYuan company, Jingdong Wang and other leaders made concluding speeches and new year messages that to encourage the staff in each department of each company to make persistent efforts on the basis in2014.

The vice president of group Jing Xia, read the recognition decision, then followed by staff recognition and awards. SuJia’s development is inseparable from the hard working employees. Today’s SuJia is inseparable from the staff’s efforts. jointly. A paid, there must be a return.Apart from the traditional awards, new prizes were set such as "best financial officers Award", "Best team leader Award", "Best Management Cadre Award", "Best Work Efficiency Award", "Best Execution Award "," Best Innovation Award "," outstanding rationalization proposals Award "and" technical experts Award ",and shot them one by one for the video work. Setting up the new prizes were discover the employees’ bright spot and establish a benchmark for all employees.

During the dinner, the versatile Sujia people came to the stage one after another.The annual meeting provided the stuff a arena to display themselves and the team ,the colleagues from various departments of each company brought performances in different forms, and the highly anticipated draw and chic game part were performed alternately. It brought not only joy and laugh to all the stuff , but also made the each one’s heart closer to each other ..

The entire convention events was planed by the administration department of the group with the theme of “ Changes drive the growth and innovates achieve the future ”which the theme fully expressed and showed the enterprise’s culture, and spend all the staff of the various departments a joy peaceful night.