Implement the Group's Strategy of Redundancy Elimination to Increase Efficiency, and to Create a New Management Model
Publish Date : 2019-05-08 14:10    Source:unknown    Clicks:600    Author:苏嘉集团

At the begging of the new year, under the leading of the manager of Eric Company GuoxingTang , and the actively coordination by the executive vice president Zhengliang Qin, absorbing the external management model from outside that half an hour was use after work every day to organize a short coordinating meeting to summary the work, communication, understanding the situation, the real-time correction of work plan and solve difficult production problems for production, equipment, security and other major departments.

Through a period of practice, positive energy production was accumulated and the effectiveness was gradually appeared, the scheduling and quality has improved significantly, especially in safety production, caused that everyone went into work field to wear a helmet.

In Eric Company , the free office furniture from the Group were organized to disassembled and removed to install by themselves in spare time , which made the Eric Company’office area a new look and to created a new image of Eric’s sales office.

Eric’s customers were more and miscellaneous scattered, most customers were anxious to receiving the goods and the production tasks were complicated. The new staff were unstable, the company sometimes with the shortage of manpower. Facing with this situation, the Eric Company worked together , including officer, procurement staffs, drivers, sales people, machine repairers to take time to the work filed to do the auxiliary work,especially , the manager Mr.Tang went to the site to do the job which made the stuffs secretly admired, there was no reason for them not to do their job well. Participation in the company’s other work when needed could made the stuff solidarity,development, hard working.