Yu Xiaodong was Selected as a Model Worker of Wuxi
Publish Date : 2019-09-24 11:07    Source:unknown    Clicks:683    Author:苏嘉集团

Yu Xiaodong, doubles as the Factory Manager of Jiangsu Sujia Group New Materials Co., Ltd. and the Deputy Director of the Technical Center, won the honorary title of “Wuxi Model Worker” during the International Labor Day holiday. He is the only person who won this laurel in Huishan District. Yu Xiaodong actively participates in the research and development of the new high-tech product items. Some technological level has reached the advanced level both in domestic and industry. In the past five years, he participated and applied for 23 patents, and has obtained 15 patents. He hosted and participated 13 projects of science and technology, and has established 23 sci-tech achievements, most of which have transformed and applied to the production of all sorts of products and have been mass-produced, that created considerable benefits for the company. Huishan News carried big reports about his deeds.