Succeed in the Research Project for the MgO-C Bricks Anti-corrosion of the Special Steel Grade Slag
Publish Date : 2019-09-24 11:07    Source:unknown    Clicks:593    Author:苏嘉集团

Anhui University of Technology grew out of the East China Metallurgic Institute of the former state ministry of metallurgical industry, and is the unique undergraduate college for metallurgical industry in East China. Sujia New Materials Company proceeds the technical cooperation and communication with Anhui University of Technology for long term.

Last year, Sujia New Materials Company cooperated with Anhui University of Technology to study and develop the project for the MgO-C bricks anti corrosion of the special steel grade slag. In the period of more than one year, the project was succeeded by the efforts of both sides in the project team. On April 13th, the both sides held the conclusion meeting in Fastube hall of Sujia building. In the meeting, the doctor Yinzhengxin from Anhui University of Technology made the conclusion report of the research result. Two papers were published and one patent was applied in the project. Meanwhile, the research for the corrosion mechanism and countermeasures to the magnesia carbon bricks had great function of the later product development and improvement and the industry leader position strengthening.

Then the general manager of Sujia New Material Company Zhangxuesong made the conclusion report. He fully affirmed the achievements of the project, and hoped to the further cooperation that closely combined the advantages of theoretical research, information, laboratory of Anhui University of Technology with that of the production practice and field service of our company to study out the new product and technology to create the new economic growth point for Sujia New Materials Company.