Sujia New Materials Company Held the Special Training of Employee Labor Discipline and Safety Production
Publish Date : 2019-05-08 14:36    Source:unknown    Clicks:576    Author:苏嘉集团

Under the guidance of the group work general thoughts, New Materials Company held the special training of employee labor discipline and safety production in March 17th. All the employees took an active part in the training.

Before the training, to make the training content more proper and comprehensive ,we proceeded deep investigation and careful research. The final aim is to make all of the employees integrate to the enterprise actively and further promote the self-quality, work capacity and work efficiency.

In the training, we unified the discipline ,stressed the key point, strictly carried out the practice, solidly carried out the management of the labor discipline and safety production. We insisted the safety production as the center, improved the quality of the employees and job qualification as the aim, kept the education for all-around development as the mean line. The training was divided into safety knowledge, equipment management operation knowledge, the discipline of the company, the enterprise culture and so on. It made the employees more clear the development direction and understand the enterprise culture of our company.

We wanted all of the employees to understand that he is not only a simple worker ,but also a Sujia people by the training. The development and the image of the enterprise needed everyone’s support.