Scientific Management Created High Quality Wage Reform Created High Quantity
Publish Date : 2019-05-08 14:40    Source:unknown    Clicks:603    Author:苏嘉集团

Since this year, Sujia Group New Materials Company insisted the scientific management, excavated the internal potential and realized the high quality and quantity. The percent of pass for the spot check of the product physical and chemical indicators increased 5.6% than the same period last year. The quality of the product is stable and received the high praise of the customers. Both of the per capita output in the press team and the output of single machine increased 24%, that laid the foundation for the company to complete the annual business objective. To stabilize the product quality and increase the productivity ,the company mainly did the following work:

1.Firmly established the idea of “quality first”, stabilized the product quality , and improved the internal management.

2.Regular trained the workers on production line, improved their quality consciousness and technical quality

3.Strengthened the power of the quality inspection department, equipped the professional and technical personnel director as the vice minister of the quality inspection department and the director of the physical and chemical inspection department. Meanwhile, specially equipped with the testing tools such as ultrasonic flaw detector

4.Improved the technology operating rules, to make the brick making process standardization. Such as stipulating the different numbers of strokes according to the different brick types, to change the condition of same numbers of strokes with different brick types and reorganizing the in and out time of the furnace and etc.

5.Used the technology equipment to strengthen the administration of the quality supervision. Set up the monitoring system on the posts such as brick making workshop and furnace for the convenient of productive process supervision and administration by the QC and monitoring system.

6.Regular asked the managers and job foreman to participate the quality meeting .Presented the quality problems at that stage and discussed the reasons then raised the solution, instructed the deadline to reform.

7.Strictly executed the assess and reward and punishment system of the quality. Checked every keys of the production processes. Checked the former process when working the next and Cleared the responsibility and firmed the punishment to the unqualified product and violation of the technological operation instruction and drawed inferences about other cases from one instance to put an end to appear the same problem in the future.

8.Technical improved to the existing equipment to ensure the product quality and improve the work efficiency at the same time.

9.Fully implemented the wage system reform for the workshop employees, cancelled the daily wages and realized the piece-rate wage, and published the salary calculation method. Encouraged that the more work more pay to arouse the enthusiasm of the workers and greatly improved the working efficiency.

At present, the business situation is very grim, Sujia New Materials Company is committed to serious in internal potential and strives for greater progress.