The Program TASTE of CCTV-10 Walked into Yunlin Restaurant----Exploring the Secret of Yunlin Goose
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The program TASTE of CCTV-10 walked into Yunlin Restaurant and explored the secret process of Wuxi food Yunlin Goose on July 9, 2015. The Executive Chef of Yunlin Restaurant Ni Zhiwei, the 21st generation descendant of Ni Yunlin, the China Cooking Master and the National Senior Technician, inherited and reappeared the classic dish Yunlin Goose in “Yunlintang Regimen”, which was handed down by Ni Yunlin.

The counselor of Wuxi Dining Industry Association, great master of culinary culture Du Daming, the Secretary General of Wuxi Dining Industry Association Yu Yanling, Vice-Chairman of Ni’s Family Association, Vice-Chairman of Wuxi Institute of Ni Yunlin’s Arts Ni Weinan, the General Manager of Yunlin Restaurant Yun Ying and the Executive Chef of Yunlin Restaurant Ni Zhiwei participated in the filming. During the filming, the program group filmed the Ancestral Hall of Ni Yunlin, the landscape of ancient canal, the free-range geese of Taihu Lake peasant families, and the secret process of Yunlin Goose, so that the ancient Wuxi canal and the unique cuisine culture were there again. It is known as that the program, which is divided into 7 parts, will be broadcasted during the National Day Holiday. The mass audience could experience the charm and style of Wuxi cuisine culture on CCTV screen by that time. The food fanatics could come to Yunlin Restaurant and have a taste of the authentic Ni Yunlin’s food with your own mouths.

Yunlin Goose is a famous Han traditional dish in Wuxi, Jiangsu. It has a history of 600 years, which was created by the artist of Yuan Dynasty Ni Yunlin. His “Qingbige Corpora” and “Yunlintang Regimen” both recorded the cooking techniques of this dish. Yuan Mei from Qing Dynasty highly praised the cooking techniques that described by Ni Yunlin in his “Single”, so he called it “Yunlin Goose”, and the name of “Yunlin Goose” had become well-known since then.

The secret process of Yunlin Goose of Yunlin Restaurant, which is according to the ancient recipe that handed down by Ni Yunlin, selecting and using the superior pure Taihu Lake geese who was only 90-100 days and net weight at about 3kg (after unhairing and taking out the viscus), then cooking with Yunlin Fu Wine. The goose meat is fat and tender, soft and boning, with nice smell and fresh taste. It is not only with the taste of plain sliced goose, but also the secret seasoning. It tastes fat but not greasy. This dish looks easy to cook, but in fact it embodies the essence of the Wuxi Local Cuisine from material selection to cooking. It just likes the paintings of Ni Yunlin, simple and profound, and only a few lines could make the painting wonderful.