Yiyedujiang·Mr. Wang Wei's Excellent Paintings Tour in South of Yangtze River
Publish Date : 2019-09-24 11:08    Source:unknown    Clicks:663    Author:苏嘉集团

Mr. Wang Wei’s Excellent Paintings Tour in South of Yangtze River had its grand opening at Sujia Gallery on July 1, 2015. The exhibition exhibited more than 50 original woodcut pictures, traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings and calligraphy works of Mr. Wang Wei’s, who is a member of the China Artists Association, a council of China Engraving Association, a member of Chinese Calligraphers Association and the Head of China Engraving Academy of Chinese National Academy of Arts. Each of his paintings is classic.

The woodcut pictures, which is one of the important categories in Chinese art history, is originated from China. There were only four schools of painting of traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, woodcut picture and carving picture since the establishment of Central Academy of Fine Arts. Mr. Wang Wei, as one of the eight Chinese engraving artists, has exquisite engraving skills. His works, have high artistic value, gained many domestic and international prizes.