Well-known Yunlin Wine----Attracts Numerous Outside Dealers Come and Investigate
Publish Date : 2019-05-08 14:53    Source:unknown    Clicks:648    Author:苏嘉集团

Yunlin Wine, by virtue of traditional channels, entered and was stationed into nearly 800 business ultra and restaurants in Wuxi within only 1 year. And by virtue of favorable social resources, we combine Yunlin Wine with full-bodied local features with the artistic works and make use of E-marketing concept to open high-end customization, some of which were gone in an instant at the pre-sale stage. The intangible culture heritage is preserved and rapidly developed, and has been reported by the famous medias like Xinhua Net, Peoples Network and Suzhou Urban Network, so that a lot of outside dealers start to contact about the matter of agency.

On March 17, 2015, dozens of dealers lead by a Nantong dealer, come to Wuxi to investigate the operation base of Yunlin Wine, and visit many retailers in Wuxi. They realized the brand background and the market share of Yunlin Wine in Wuxi, and visit the other industries that subordinated to SUJIA GROUP. One representative of the dealers the General Manager Mr. Yu mentioned that Yunlin Wine, as a Wuxi cultural specialities walked out of Wuxi, can hardly do without the excellent team and smart marketing schemes. Of course, the most important is the superior product quality. Yunlin Wine insists on putting the quality first, brand second. If you cooperate with such enterprise, you will feel relieved and the cooperation will be prolonged.