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Found in 1986, Jiangsu Sujia Group Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Sujia Group”), having refractories and precision steel pipes as their major products, consists of a refractories divisionand a precision steel pipe division. There are 8 subsidiaries in total. Sujia Group, covering more than 1000 mu, employs around 200 staff and owns a total of assets of more than 5 billion Yuan.The refractories divisionproduces magnesia carbon brick and othe...
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Located on the north of Yangtze River and on the south of Taihu Lake, Wuxi embraces the Grand Canal across the city from north to south. Wuxi enjoys the honored names of a land of fish and rice and mini-Shanghai. Wuxi was crowed with the bread basket and was one of the most developed region in China. Many mountains and Taihu Lake have witnessed beautiful stories and modern development. The industry and commerce in Wuxi have heavy history. Sujia Group has developed for over 40 years with ups and downs and became one of the industry models 20 years ago. Along the road, Sujia Group pursues its own value and goal. In 1985, Sujia Group successfully developed magnesia carbon brick and then in 1989, Sujia Group, as the organizer, organized a national themed conference in Wuxi, which marked the beginning of China as a strong nation in iron and steel.

The refractories of Sujia Group is welcomed home and abroad. In 1997, Sujia Group successfully developed seamless welding pipe that replaced the imported ones, with a market share rate of over 70% in China mobile transmission shaft market. This was a barrier for manufacture companies. Sujia Group, as a pioneer, started businesses and caught chances in various industries, such as oil pipe industry, elderly care industry, real estate development industry, culture industry, investment industry, commercial hotel industry and catering industry. Developing Sujia business for over 100 years is not only a goal but also the essence of organization culture. Sujia Group cherishes credit, follows rules, pursues high quality, attracts talents, works hard and keeps studying to develop career forever.

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